We are a full service lighting design/ production company that serves the wedding, special events and corporate events. We are artists of light who transform simple blank walls into works of art to create the perfect ambiance for every event.

At Events Moderne,

we supply the latest in audio-visual, staging, and technical support for any event.

Defined by Style and Creativity

"I believe Corporate, Charity and Social Events should be unique and exquisite.

They should be produced with the same excellence as its mission.

Our clientele knows their special event will stand out at the highest measurable level.”

Renata N. Bridges - Owner, Creative Director


Talent Capability

  • "Audiences expect sophistication in lighting technique. We offer innovative sequencing and choreography to our whole room lighting designs."

    Adrian Martinez - Lighting Designer

    "Full range sound has to be experienced. Just like opening day on Broadway, we want our audiences to not only hear each detail of speech, soundtrack, and concert, we want them to feel it as well."

    Guilherme Andrade - Certified Sound Designer